I started this wiki last year. Students enjoyed the ability to work and share online .... they do this anyway with their MySpace and Facebook and other social Web sites.

The purpose this year is to get collegues involved along with students in my Web Mastering classes.

My goal is to create an online learning community that will help improve technology use and integration on the MHS campus. PAISD has invested a lot of money for us to have the best of the best of technology. We need to utilize it and make sure our students are familiar with this technology.

The name of our learning community: MHS CATE
Members (if all join the group) will include:

  • R Lee, Principal, MHS
  • M. Harris, Stilwell Principal
  • G Buchanan, CATE Department Leader
  • C Rhodes, BCIS
  • B Eaton, BCIS
  • D Jones, Business
  • E Guyden, Shop
  • G Charles, Criminal Justice
  • J Harper, Technology
  • J Preston, former Business
  • J Martin, JROTC
  • M Fontenette, Business
  • R Haley, Home Ec
  • T Bartie, Business
Discussion question:
I reviewed the 2008-2009 Texas STaR Chart Data for Memorial High School.

The chart showed our greatest strength as Infrastructure for Technology. One componenent of this area is direct connectivity to the internet 75% of the time. Another component is Web-based learning. This campus has several on-line programs for students to prepare for TAKS, the one used most is Study Island. Another area is that PAISD tries to make sure that each teacher has a computer and that it is working properly.
What do you think of this assessment?

The charts shows our greatest weakness is in the area of Educator Preparation and Development. I think this may be due to the lack of or rushed training when implementing new software. I think that educators feel frustrated when faced with new technology but no support on how to use it. Most of the time we are given a few hours training for new technology. For those of us who use technology, it is not a problem.
What do you think of this assessment? What can be done to help teachers feel less impotent when faced with new technology?

Feel free to add questions to the discussion. Otherwise, click Discussion and enter discussion page.

Let's have a great school year with no one loosing their privilege to be on this site. Thanks for your cooperation.

Mrs. H. Scott
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