The purpose of this discussion is to look at way to improve Educator Preparation and Development, as measured by the Texas STaR Chart , on the MHS campus. Memorial High School has a lot of new, innovative, and fun technology. For instance, still to be seen is the white board promised to us at the beginning of the school year!

The technology department can be instrumental in making sure that our teachers know how to use the new technology available on campus. As part of this group, we can come up with ideas for on-going training and fun ways teachers can use this technology in their classroom. I think everything should be in place prior to the beginning of the next school year. With this in mind, we need a time table to help teachers implement new technology.


Step One
  • Find out what technologies are now available but not being utilized
  • Work with tech team; offer to learn and try new available technologies
Step Two
  • Help tech team to teach teachers how to use technology during faculty meetings and/or in their classrooms
  • Talk to Principal and tech team to find out when will all technology be available
  • Work with tech team to learn how to use all new technology on campus
  • Look at online training for products
  • Become an expert on one or more of the products
Step Three
  • Share knowledge with teachers
Step Four
  • All technology and training should be completed and in place before the beginning of 2010 - 2011 school year.

The CATE Department at MHS can and should be very involved in using and training others to use technology on campus. Part of our motto states that we will be the best school. Your input is needed to help us BE THE BEST!